CEPIMET es nuestra línea de cepillos para el desbarbado y redondeado de bordes de piezas metálicas estampadas, de corte fino, sinterizadas y fundidas.
Abrasivos de resina para pulido de cuarzo, piedra natural y cerámica
Cepiflex - acabados satinados, mate e intensos en color en aglomerados de cuarzo y piedra natural
Cepillos para la indústria de las ruedas de alumínio usables en máquinas como Loeser, SGA, sistemas de robot, etc.
Metal Deburring
Aging Brushes
Resin Abrasives
Satin Finishes
Wheel deburring

Quienes Somos

“In the last decade CEPICAT has experienced constant growth in experience and sales volume, we are operating in more than 40 countries.”

CEPICAT was founded in 2005 with the aim of being a reference in modern brush production. Since the beginning of the activity we have placed special focus on the manufacture of high quality brushes with modern systems, machinery and production processes as well as the development of innovative products.


Sectors for which we produce

We manufacture many standard products for the deburring and finishing machines that are on the market, as well as products tailored to the customer. We work with sectors such as automotive, aeronautics, construction, etc.

Nuestra línea de productos CEPICLEAN es ideal para la limpieza de pisos

Floor Cleaning

Cleanliness is a key factor for customer satisfaction, employee safety and a pleasant working, selling and visiting environment. Requirements of clean floors are more and more present all over the world, especially in places with big quantities of people. CEPICLEAN is your partner for achieving best cleaning results.

Las líneas de productos CEPIMET i CEPIWHEEL son ideales para un desbarbado eficiente y preciso de piezas metálicas

Metal deburring

In metal industry, are a common and recurring problem. Abrasive brushes are used for an efficient und precise deburring of metal parts.

Our brushes are especially used in 2 areas; CEPIMET in the deburring of flat parts and casted parts, and CEPIWHEEL in the deburring af aluminium rims.

Recomendamos nuestras líneas de productos. CEPISTONE y CEPIFLEX para superficies de cuarzo.

Quartz surfaces

El aglomerado de cuarzo es más blando que la cerámica y los abrasivos son menos agresivos. Actualmente, conseguimos acabados combinando abrasivos tradicionales con nuestros productos de goma CEPIFLEX.

Restauración y pulido de piedra

Stone Floor Renovation

Stone Flooring is elegant and trendy. Over time stone floors lose their appeal, due to scratches, stains and dirt. With our CEPIRENOVA-System your floors shine like new.

CEPIRENOVA is a simple and cost-efficient solution for the treatment of natural and artificial stone.

Recomendamos nuestras líneas de productos. CEPISTONE y CEPIFLEX para superficies cerámicas.


The “Satin” effect, our brushes made of carbide, diamond and ceramics are used. Or “Mate” which has a very low glaze levels, which we achieve by combining.
The ceramic market demands products with low glaze levels with perfect finishes that do not show any sign of the abrasives and that are produced with an anti-stain

Piedra natural


Aged effect
We manufacture abrasive nylon brushes to give the marble and granite texture. The bristles of these can be silicon carbide, aluminum oxide, diamond and among others an abrasive ceramic.
Satin effect
We manufacture rubber brushes with abrasive CEPIFLEX which produces a satin effect on the materials. They are less aggressive than abrasive nylon brushes producing a less textured result than the “aged effect”


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Leyre BarbalLeyre Barbal
17:18 20 Apr 23
Company that adapts to the needs of the client.Collaborate in the search for solutions, to obtain the best results in the finishing of the products. They bring ideas, knowledge, innovation and experience.It is noted that they are in constant development of R&D.
15:08 20 Apr 23
Great company! Cepicat produces excellent products with a level of quality and durability beyond the competition. Very responsive to customers needs and quick turn around.
Marc NoelMarc Noel
14:41 20 Apr 23
Very professional and innovative company!
José L SuarezJosé L Suarez
10:59 20 Apr 23
A great professional company ! Thanks for the collaboration
Toni LozanoToni Lozano
10:48 20 Apr 23
Highly recommended. Products of very good quality and kind deal with the owner.

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