We recommend our 3 product lines:

Abrasivos de resina para pulido de cuarzo, piedra natural y cerámica

Resin Abrasives:
For polishing edges and flat surfaces pulido de cantos y de superficies planas

Cepiflex - acabados satinados, mate e intensos en color en aglomerados de cuarzo y piedra natural

To achieve satin, matte and intense finishes

For processing natural stone and quartz agglomerate

Our products are suitable for 3 types of stone finishes:

Aged effect
We manufacture abrasive nylon brushes to give texture to the natural stone and synthetic stone. The bristles of these can be silicon carbide, aluminum oxide, diamond and among others an abrasive ceramic.

These bristles erode the soft part of the material creating an “aged” surface, also called the “skin effect”.

Satin effect
We manufacture rubber brushes with abrasive CEPIFLEX which produces a satin effect on the materials. They are less aggressive than abrasive nylon brushes producing a less textured result than the “aged effect”.

We use robotic cells with our manufacturing process, which guarantee the quality of our products and which produce constant effects in the different materials.

Polishing effect
We currently get finishes which combine traditional abrasives with our CEPIFLEX rubber products.

The natural stone and synthetic stone market demands finishes of different roughnesses and brightness levels, and we can achive them.