What are the best products for Rugged Concrete finish?

The best CEPICAT products for finishing concrete..

If you are looking for brushes to work with in order to achieve a Rugged concrete finish in your surfaces, Cepicat have what you need. Keep reading!

Our recommendation is to use 2 products: The Cepistone DIA, made of diamond, and the CEPIFLEX, made of rubber.

The initial step to get a Rugged concrete finish should always be to use the CEPISTONE DIA, made with 20% diamond-loaded bristles, to achieve the best cutting results. We recommend starting the process using it due to his long durability, which allows cutting the surface more aggressively. We have designed a complete range of sanding pads that gives you the best possible results on your toughest surfaces.

Subsequently, you can use the CEPIFLEX brushes, which are made of rubber and are used to obtain satin or matte finishes in marble, granite and quartzite sectors, with excellent results in all of them.

With a wide range of diamond abrasives, we offer a reliable solution to the demands of stone working professionals and tradesmen. Our range of products are designed to suit the needs of each individual project or situation. 

If you need more information, contact us at info@cepicat.com, and we will be happy to help.