The best way to get an Antique Finish on your surface

Aged finishes on surfaces and how to get them

The antique finish is a popular style that can be achieved on a variety of surfaces, including any kind of stone. We will go through which tools to use  to get the greatest results when applying an antique finish to the surface.

It’s crucial to gently remove any dust or dirt from the surface.  After that, start using the Cepibrush DIA to provide the best antique finish on your stone.

textured surface that is simple to make with automatic or manual machinery is accomplished with this sort of finish by gentle vines that favor the softer fibers and skip the harder ones. It is advised to begin with a polished or saw-cut surface. The last layers are recommended to be worked with a Cepibrush SIC, made of silicium carbide, for a better result.

Once the desired surface has been achieved, the finish is applied with a soft cloth, keeping it damp until it no longer appears to absorb more finish, and then it should be dried.

This process can be repeated several times, although usually three or four coats are sufficient in order to get the antique finish desired.

Regarding which format of abrasive to us, it depends on the size. We recommend Round and Frankfurt brushes to small workshops, and Fickerts to big polishing machines.

For the past 20 years, Cepicat has supplied abrasives and brushes to the stone industry. With our wide range of products, we meet the needs of stoneworking experts in order to get any kind or surface style.

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