How to get a Leather / Velvet Finish on your surface?

How to get a Leather / Velvet Finish on your surface?

In the post, we outline the Cepicat tools required to achieve the greatest Leather effect on granite, marble, or any other man-made stone surface.

Or first recommendation to achieve a velvet finish on your surface is to use the Cepibrush DIA, which contains diamond bristles at 20% load. Since it is an aggressive tool, it is designed to remove the first coatings of polish and surface dullness.

The Cepiflex LUX (Frankfurt or round), which is meant to remove the final top layers and leave your surface with a smooth, textured finish, should then be used for the final step of the leather effect process. It is less aggressive because it is composed of rubber, making it ideal for the next stage of getting a velvet finish on your surface.

Regarding which format of abrasive to us, it depends on the size. We recommend Round and Frankfurt brushes to small workshops, and Fickerts to big polishing machines.

Abrasives and brushes have been supplied by Cepicat to the stone sector for the past 20 years. We satisfy the requirements of experts in stone working with our broad choice of goods. 

Any kind of surface finish can be achieved with our products, so contact us at if you require any details or assistance, and we will respond right away.