Find the best products for a River Washed finish

Find the best products for a River Washed finish

If you are looking for brushes to work with in order to achieve a River Washed finish in your surfaces, this article is for you!

Get the results you need to achieve a River Washed Finish with high quality tools from Cepicat. Our recommendation is to use 2 products: The Cepistone DIA, made of Diamond and the CEPIFLEX, made of rubber.

The first step to achieve the best cutting results should always be to use the Cepistone DIA. It is made with 20% diamond-loaded bristles, so it has a long durability, which allows cutting the surface more aggressively. We produce them ourselves in our fabric.

As the final step to get a River Washed Finish, we recommend using the Cepiflex brushes. Those are made of premium quality rubber, ideal for work in areas with great exposure to heat, to achieve correction effects in marble, granite and quartzite extremities. This allows obtaining various finishes: satin and matt.

Precisely wired industrial abrasive pads, coated with special pigments and cutters, are used by professionals to tailor the final look of surface finishes. Designed for use on all types of stone, each pad is specifically designed for a specific type of surface. Changeable discs can be used individually or with an electric power tool. 

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